On Polaroids and Why I Use Them

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Polaroids. Love them or hate them. (Who doesn't love polaroids? Let me rephrase that.) Love them. Either way, you'll be seeing a lot of them round here, so you'd better get used to it.

Theodore, the little brother
Myself, as a young 'un
My cousin Helena and I

Grandma, mum, brother

Sporting my best tutu

Polaroids are making a comeback. Though they were hugely popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, they were thrust back into the shadows with the arrival of digital photography, and in 2008 Polaroid announced that it was to discontinue all instant film production. I was devastated when they stopped selling film for the sub-shaped Polaroid I-Zone camera (see above): the camera of choice for any self-respecting 90's kid. So, a few years ago, when Fujifilm and The Impossible Project reinstated instant photography, I was over the moon. While The Impossible Project produces new film for traditional (and otherwise obsolete) Polaroid cameras, Fujifilm is introducing more new models by the day, with aim (I hope) to show that instant photography is certainly not a novelty, and far from a dying art. And I say this with the backing of Andy Warhol: the man himself was renowned for his use of instant photography, and known to have jumped on the selfie-train way before the rest of us could even say 'Instagram'.

Sunflowers in Tuscany
Theodore's 16th

I could list all the reasons I live and breathe Polaroid. But I could also bore you for hours. I'll keep it short and sweet. 

'Ten' Things I Love About You:

1.) You capture the magic of a moment, eyes closed, nostrils flaring, warts and all.
2.) You embrace your imperfections as you don't come pre-packaged with airbrush or with a half-dozen filters.
3.) You come ready-framed, for easy display on a wall or front door.
4.) Your considerable size and presence invariably sparks conversation with strangers, gawping at you the way they do a new-born.
5.) You combine a retro charm with 21st century instant gratification.

I'm still slightly unsure as to what this blog will be about. As it stands, I see it developing into an arts and lifestyle kind of thing, but don't hold me to that. What I can promise you is that every photograph - and I mean every single one - will be a polaroid. Here goes!

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