Columbia Road Flower Market

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Last Sunday, I got myself up nauseatingly early to go to Columbia Road Flower Market with my friend Celine. It’s located just off Brick Lane and is pretty damn well-established. It was, after all, opened in 1869, so it’s been around a while. And yet sadly, age does not necessarily bring respectability, as demonstrated by some of the silver-haired vendors who practised the age-old sport we love so dearly: leering at anything and everything with legs.

Columbia Road is lovely though. Especially if you go early and on a sunny day: try to get there before 10.30am (it starts at 8am) or the place will be flooded with tourists. It feels fresh, vibrant, and animated: expect live music and buskers. The street is lined with loads of little coffee shops and food stalls, so it's certainly not short of places to grab a bite to eat. And since it's just round the corner from Brick Lane, you need not fear: bagels are near.
If nothing else, the market will provide you with an infinite supply of flower photos - all, I'm sure, well worthy of Instagram.

The BEST primroses.
Hawaian shirt and gold bling. Like it or not, the guy's got swagger.
Quirky coffee shops and vintage clothes stores line the street.

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