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Friday, 15 May 2015

I recently visited Brick Lane’s latest tourist attraction, a speciality-cafe selling only cereal. Oh, and Poptarts - I beg your pardon.

In December 2014, the Cereal Killer Cafe opened its doors to the ravenous streets of Shoreditch. So the legend goes, Belfast-born brothers Alan and Gary, hungover and craving cereal, spotted a niche. ‘How about we open a café exclusively selling weird and wacky breakfast cereals?’ If we learn nothing else from their venture, it's surely inspiring to know that a stroke of genius, at 4am and tipsy, can not only survive the next morning but actually blossom into a tangible reality.

Cereal Killer Café became something of an overnight internet sensation. As my every feed was flooded with 
exclamations of 'omg I <3 CEREAL’, I thought it time to find out what all the fuss was about. Accompanied by my good friend Mingling, I hit Brick Lane. The staff were unanimously friendly and helpful, the cereal was delicious, and the whole cafe had a relaxed and retro vibe. Prices begin at £2.50 for a small bowl, which I think is perfectly reasonable for a novelty café in Shoreditch - and I'd far rather my money fall into the pockets of these entrepreneurial twins than into the claws of Starbucks. What's not to love? Hipster-hating killjoys, get lost: Alan and Gary are laughing their way to the fridge. 

(Wait, one more thing - i've literally just discovered that a new branch opened a few days ago in Camden! Pop over to their website for more info: www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk. I (sadly) haven't been sponsored to say any of this, by the way - but if you read this, Alan and Gary, treat me to another bowl, please and thank you?)

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