Spring-Summer Playlist

Monday, 1 June 2015

Looking like an absolute tool in a field of sunflowers
1.) 'Post Tropical' by JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW
2.) 'Stay With Me' by ANGUS & JULIA STONE
3.) 'Technicolour Beat' by OH WONDER
4.) 'Skinny Blues' by JEREMY LOOPS
5.) 'Cerf Volant' by LES CHORISTES
6.) 'Myth' by BEACH HOUSE
7.) 'Caught Me Thinkin' by BAHAMAS
8.) 'I Follow Rivers' by LYKKE LI
9.) 'Hot Scary Summer' by VILLAGERS
10.) 'Turning Back Around' by RHODES
11.) 'Flowers in Your Hair' by THE LUMINEERS
12.) 'Blue Skies' by NOAH AND THE WHALE
13.) 'Mykonos' by FLEET FOXES
14.) 'Boom Clap' by LENNON & MAISY
15.) 'Sprawl II' by ARCADE FIRE
Best enjoyed in a hammock, but sweaty public transport works too. You do you do, boo boo.
Click here to listen to the playlist on Spotify. Or here to listen to it on YouTube.

Happy June, and thank you for the lovely and overwhelming response to my previous post. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Antonio, and I hope it has set the ball rolling for many more interviews with young creatives. If you have any suggestions for talented folks whose work needs that #promo, let me know. All you spring-chickens who make stuff, get in touch! Look forward to plenty more exciting posts this summer, but in the meantime, have a good month.

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