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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hello! It's been a while. Today I'm interrupting our normal schedule with a long-overdue update. By overdue, I mean really overdue. My life has changed irrevocably in the months since, and I haven't quite yet found the words to talk about it. I know I will, eventually. But for now, please kindly indulge me in some shameless self-promo.
Instant Stories has recently made a couple of appearances elsewhere; the first of which I want to share with you today. Last November, I was interviewed by Local Wolves Magazine. You what? You heard! I didn't shut up about it on social media but in all my excitement it somehow slipped my mind to share the news on my actual blog.

Local Wolves is an online and print publication founded and EIC'd by superwoman Cathrine Khom. Based in Southern California but with a talented team spread all over the world, Local Wolves aims to "delve into the most creative minds from the world of entertainment, arts and culture." It's beautifully-produced, and a treat to dip in and out of or, to do as I do and binge in a single sitting. 

I met up with their photographer Mila Austin in Southwark, and thankfully she was lovely, because she needed the patience of a saint to drag me out of my camera-shy shell. Then I answered a bunch of questions about writing, instant photography, and invisible illness: click here to read the whole interview.

I'll be back soon with normal posts!

Find the whole interview here:
Check out Local Wolves:

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